Human-Centered Design as a Consulting Service

We enable and support your organization in living an Integrated Human-centred Design Process

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ProContext has a long history of helping clients improving existing designs, innovating on new products, and reflecting current practices of usability engineering. By integrating Human-centered Design process with requirements engineering we make your knowledge about the context of use of a product explicit and sharable to make smarter design decisions. Knowing what users really need is a pre-requisite for sustainable market success.

HCD Services for Projects

We consolidated and sharpen the understanding of user needs across all project stakeholders and turn them into explicit user requirements that help the team to derive innovative design ideas and make smarter design decisions throughout the entire engineering process.

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Design Scoping Workshop

Work with all stakeholders to understand the design quality objectives in your project and baseline existing knowledge about the context of use to define meaningful next steps to get to validated user requirements and design directions.

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Context Analysis

Define targeted user profiles and interview / observe representative users to develop a deep understanding of their needs, environment, and tasks. We will deliver authentic context scenarios and consolidated insights to help you brainstorm design based on validated assumption what users really need.

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User Requirements Engineering

Based on identified user needs, we help you to derive user requirements from context analysis findings that integrate with other stakeholder requirements and can be used to define quality criteria for evaluating user experience design. Having explicit codified requirements in place will shorten design discussions and align stakeholders.

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Design Workshop

Using one or all of the previous steps as input, we facilitate quick and time boxed ideation workshops to gather design ideas and materialize them in form of low-fidelity prototypes which can be used for concept testing with users.

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UI Prototype

We are converting ideas and initial design sketches into a state-of-the-art interactive UI mockup which illustrates key elements of your design vision. Use this prototype to get early feedback from users and as a communication tool to share your vision internally and externally with important stakeholders.

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Design Inspection

We review existing design with respect to agreed design principles and common design practices. We reverse engineer the design to identify the underlying design rationale and assumptions and create a shortlist of key questions which must be validated through context analysis.

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HCD Infrastructure Consulting

We review the readiness of your organization to deliver usable products with great user experience. We help you to put an end-to-end standardized Human-centered Design process in place as an integral part of the software development life cycle.

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UX Process Review

We review the current setup of the UX organization and implementation of the design process to make recommendations how to establish an end-to-end human-centered design process. We define a set of UX deliverables that build on top of each other and fit seamlessly into your engineering process.

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User Requirements Engineering Review

We review the handling of context analysis results and give recommendations how to integrate user requirements into your overall requirements engineering process and make them a part of your corporate memory.

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HCD Leadership Consulting

To implement a human-centric engineering culture in your company, you must position user research findings and implications as an authorized and integrated source for requirements and input to product strategy.

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Design Strategy Workshop

Executive workshop to understand the interplay of Design Thinking, User Requirements Engineering, and a standardized Human-centered Design process to put our company at the forefront of digital transformation.

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